photo byAlana Blowfield



cdc creates is a screen printing business formed in Perth, Western Australia in 2014, that develops products with a strong design, innovative & sustainability agenda. Producing clever, high quality, designer homeware products with multiple uses that address the “war on waste”.  The products are made from sustainable materials

Founded by Caroline Di Costa Architect as a creative outlet to produce compelling products and run creative workshops to promote the value of art and creativity to enrich people’s lives.

 Caroline formally trained as an Architect graduating in 2000. Whilst her architecture career has brought her much satisfaction and success, she is finding herself drawn to her long standing passion to make hand crafted, intimate items and projects for a greater reach of people, hence the creation of cdc creates.

 The products are all handmade and screen printed using traditional methods to produce items that are highly crafted, individual and made with love.  cdc creates produces a range of tableware products and sketchbooks. Although the products vary, the philosophy remains to produce beautiful, thoughtful, sustainableitems that are made and used by everyone. 

More and more of us are joining the “war on waste” fight, I see these homewares as being the “keep cups” for the home.

Cdc creates also runs workshops that aim to bring screenprinting to a wider range of people.

 The product range is still evolving and hopes to reach more people and remind us that, there can be beauty in the little things and fleeting moments you just have to notice them. The range seeks to capture these moments and solidify them, reinterpreting them into useful and beautiful items.